Early Späti. Berlin

I wanted to print a document so I had to wait till the girl working in this Späti would come back to the shop. As her mother (?) explained me, the girl hasn’t eaten anything warm for the whole day and she herself didn’t know how to use computer to let me print my stuff. That’s how I … Continue reading

A bunch of horrible photos… and a happy new year! Berlin

I wish you all success and happiness in 2014! And I hope you had good time last night. I did. All of the photos were taken with my phone (hence the quality) at the Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin.  

A self-portrait with the leaves or don’t judge the day by the morning rain. Berlin

*Or the longest title that has appeared on this blog so far. This day wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. On the way to my German class it was raining. Maybe not truly raining, more like drizzling, but the drizzle was enough to make my boots completely wet. The only thing I could … Continue reading

Portraits. Warsaw

Some of you – those, who visited my facebook profile lately – have already seen this picture: The question is, what’s that, right? Well, last week I was visiting my friends in Warsaw and one of them had a photography project to do. After some brief brainstorming we decided to organize our photo session right … Continue reading

A sneak peek at my great hitchhiking adventure. São Miguel, Azores

I’d like to start with a warning. This post will include a lot of photos of a horrible quality. Sorry! Some time ago I got myself tickets to Ponta Delgada, the capital of Azores’ biggest island, São Miguel. Acording to this site the distance between Lisbon and Ponta Delgada equals 1446,68 km. Not bad. Here’s … Continue reading

The meadow. Rybnik

Yes yes. Another cell phone photo… But this time it’s a bit different – this is a place where I walk my dog (when I’m in my hometown). This one was taken on a rainy August day. I wonder how it looks right now. I will be home next Saturday. I guess I will check … Continue reading

Rua Prata. Lisbon

My computer all of a sudden stopped working this monday. I didn’t only loose the source of all the information needed for today’s exam (I had all of my notes there), but also all of the photos I have taken during the last years. Most of them are saved on an external disc as well. … Continue reading

Before&After. Lisbon

I took the picture of this typical Lisbon tram during my first weeks here. I was just wandering through the streets – as usual – and I only had my mobile phone with me that day. Back then I had no idea I would take another picture at that spot again. And, most definitely, I … Continue reading