Breakfast or Café and three medialunas. Buenos Aires

Back when the days were still warm and sunny.

Portraits of Uruguay. Colonia del Sacramento & Montevideo

Portraits of Patagonia. Esquel, Bariloche, Colonia Suiza, San Martin de los Andes, Junin de los Andes

Some shots from my travels through Patagonia this February.

Lucha campesina. Buenos Aires

Some of these photos have been published here

Early Späti. Berlin

I wanted to print a document so I had to wait till the girl working in this Späti would come back to the shop. As her mother (?) explained me, the girl hasn’t eaten anything warm for the whole day and she herself didn’t know how to use computer to let me print my stuff. That’s how I … Continue reading

Hairdresser 2. Peniche

Also try your luck and buy a lottery ticket!

Hairdresser. Barcelona

And they say that the cobbler’s children have no shoes…

Festa de Gràcia (making of). Barcelona

I’m back from the region of Valencia and Barcelona. If I only could stay… Yesterday in Gràcia (which has become my absolutely favourite zone of Barcelona, beating the gothic one) began the Festa. Do I want to be there right now to photograph everything! Anyway, I had a very good reason to come back – … Continue reading

Chillin’. Berlin

These ladies have their favourite bench in Kreuzberg. The day I would take a picture of them had to come eventually…

In the city. Berlin

If you look closely, you can see me, too!