Rua Prata. Lisbon

My computer all of a sudden stopped working this monday. I didn’t only loose the source of all the information needed for today’s exam (I had all of my notes there), but also all of the photos I have taken during the last years. Most of them are saved on an external disc as well. Those from Portugal – not. Let’s just hope that the guys from PC Clinic will manage to repair my laptop, saving all the data as well. If not – well, most of the pictures I considered good are already uploaded here, on Mishatsky.
If there is something that my stay in Portugal will teach me, I guess it’s patience. I have become a master of taking a couple of deep breaths and thinking about the positive side.
Well, almost a master. This time I decided to drink a glass of beer as well.
And upload a photo from a different source – my mobile phone! So here it is, a panorama of Rua Prata, taken from a window of what I call “my second flat” here. On the left you can see the Rossio square. On the right- the Tagus river. Taken on the day of Greve Geral, which in the terms of weather was a beautiful day. I hope you will enjoy the view as much as I did!
Due to the circumstances I am not sure if I will be able to post on Saturday. I will be out of Lisbon… Where? Well… You’ll see soon!20121114_125233


2 Responses to “Rua Prata. Lisbon”
  1. Zuzia says:

    “My second flat” to mieszkanie Chiary? :)

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