B&W (gallery)

My dad asked me a couple of days ago to choose some of my photos for him to print and hang in his office. Black&white photos, that is. I ended up with 19 pictures; all of them have already been published here. I retouched some of them though; and some of them became black&white for … Continue reading

Pennants. Basel

I told you already that I really enjoy taking photos, that are somehow similar to the ones I already had taken. I like this one because of the colourful pennants and because it reminds me of the photos I took during my roadtrip in Portugal. The one with two small surfers in it being one … Continue reading

Chess. Bern

I also do like playing chess, although I suck at it.

Roofs. Bern

Bern from Peter Pan’s perspective, if he’s ever visited it.

Us and them. Bern & Óbidos

I like taking photos that are similar to the photos I’ve taken before. In a completely diferent place. Like the one that I took in Bern. Switzerland at the end of January – it instantly reminded me of a photo taken in March 2013 in Óbidos, Portugal. The title might or might not be inspired … Continue reading

Look at me or a self-portrait with a green tram and a red arrow. Basel

Yep, that’s me.

I walk my dog at the riverside. Bern

No, it was not shot from the Minster’s tower. It was shot from its gardens.

No title. Bern

I really didn’t come up with any title. Shot from the Bern Minster again.

So so. Bern

Shot from the tower of the Bern Minster, the highest church of Bern&Switzerland.

And even farther. Bern

Bird’s-eye view shots will appear quite often here the next weeks, since I became fanatical about viewing points.