B&W (gallery)

My dad asked me a couple of days ago to choose some of my photos for him to print and hang in his office. Black&white photos, that is. I ended up with 19 pictures; all of them have already been published here. I retouched some of them though; and some of them became black&white for … Continue reading

23, 4 days later or I go to Munich tomorrow or somewhere above Europe #3

This post should have appeared here four days ago. But, well, let’s say that I’m not doing really good in organizing my life nowadays. I have not posted for a couple of weeks now; furthermore, I don’t actually remember when was the last time I took a photo. I mean there’ve been some, but not … Continue reading

We call it Christmas when the adverts begin. Verona

Starring Dante Alighieri. The title inspiration to be found here. Food for thought.

The book. Padua

We were waiting for the delayed train. He was reading.

White gloves. Peschiera del Garda

The pink story continues. And I’m not even done yet.

Lago di Garda. Peschiera del Garda & Sirmione

Friday afternoon the waters of Garda were unbelievably pinkish and turquoisish (I doubt that’s how you write it). Sunday morning though the lake looked like a calm ocean. Only the mountains on the other side reminded me, that it’s, well, JUST a lake.