Obwarzanek. Kraków

I am looking for the right word to translate “obwarzanek” and I guess the closest will be “bagel”. Or “pretzel”. Just go to Kraków and try it, and you will know. Advertisements

The Market 2. Rybnik

My mom told me that the salesmen at the local market were asking her lately “where was her daughter with the camera”. So I paid them a small visit this weekend.

Easter breakfast. Rybnik

A photo of our Easter breakfast, posted in the late evening. Because I was lazying and eating the whole day. Because yesterday I baked 5 cakes, so hey, I deserved that.

Christmas bokeh. Rybnik

So that you won’t think I’m that much of a Grinch.

Soon… Somewhere in Poland

The last weeks are not the best for me in terms of photography. I leave home in the morning and come back when it’s already dark. On the weekends my favourite thing to do though is being sick. Therefore I have to review all the photos I have on my computer so that I can … Continue reading

Abandoned#4. Rudnik

The same day when we went to the locomotive shed, we decided to pay a visit in the old palace in Rudnik as well. During the times of the People’s Republic of Poland estates like this became the property of the “people” and were transformed into PGR – State Agricultural Farms. Most of them went … Continue reading

I’m sorry but it’s not working. Racibórz

Again from the locomotive shed.

Abandoned#2. Racibórz

More details this time. Someone (a homeless person, local kids partying in abandoned buildings, a performer, you name it) left a flower in the “blue room” (what a nice paint choice for an industrial building anyway).

Sacrum profanum or abandoned#1. Racibórz

A couple of days before I left to Berlin my friend invited me on a photo trip. Upper Silesia, where I come from, is an industrial region, so our plan was to visit three – out of many – places in our area, that used to be a great example of industrial architecture and now … Continue reading

Sans domicile fixe or what do I think about… being homeless.

Maybe not literally homeless (at least not since I managed to find the room). During the last three years of  I have lived in three countries, four cities and six flats, not counting all my stays at my parents’ house. And it made me thinking. Am I actually homeless, because I don’t have only one … Continue reading