Catch me if you can. Somewhere close to Bodensee

I was trying to shoot the landscape from the moving train. Luckily the tree appeared in my way and it didn’t work out.

23, 4 days later or I go to Munich tomorrow or somewhere above Europe #3

This post should have appeared here four days ago. But, well, let’s say that I’m not doing really good in organizing my life nowadays. I have not posted for a couple of weeks now; furthermore, I don’t actually remember when was the last time I took a photo. I mean there’ve been some, but not … Continue reading

Soon… Somewhere in Poland

The last weeks are not the best for me in terms of photography. I leave home in the morning and come back when it’s already dark. On the weekends my favourite thing to do though is being sick. Therefore I have to review all the photos I have on my computer so that I can … Continue reading

The world we live in. Somewhere above Europe#2

I’ve been sick the last days and, since I didn’t really leave my bed, the only thing I can see is the back wall of the building across our backyard. Not the most stunning view to be honest. But then I remembered what one of you said about my “A trip to the countryside” post: … Continue reading

Fantasy world. Somewhere on Costa Vicentina

I already told you that I am not much of a fan of postediting my photos. Yes, I crop them, I sometimes change them to black and white, add some saturation. On this blog you could only find one photoshopped photo – that was in one of the first posts, when I was forced to … Continue reading

Nighthawks. Somewhere in Portugal

Welcome to the history of art posts again! How about some modern (and creepier) version of Hopper’s “Nighthawks”? This post is not the first one entitled “Somewhere”, so I just decided to create a new category – where you can find all the pictures that I’ve taken and I like enough to show them publicly, … Continue reading

Something ends, something begins. Somewhere above Europe

So, does anybody still remember that the world was supposed to end (again)? I was honestly expecting to get a bird’s-eye view on that one. Well, actually I got to see something way different. I’d rather say that it was a new beginning than an ending… Or maybe it was the end of the world … Continue reading