Something ends, something begins. Somewhere above Europe

So, does anybody still remember that the world was supposed to end (again)?

I was honestly expecting to get a bird’s-eye view on that one. Well, actually I got to see something way different.

I’d rather say that it was a new beginning than an ending… Or maybe it was the end of the world as we knew it?DSC_0642



(Those photos look more like paintings to me. And I’m sure that the girl sitting next to me in the plane was’t nearly as excited as I was when she heard the clicking of my camera above her head. If some of you ever happen to be that girl – I am truly sorry. Well not really because the view was beautiful. But I did’t want to wake you up. OK I’m done. Cheers!)

2 Responses to “Something ends, something begins. Somewhere above Europe”
  1. Najdi says:

    no to zdjęcie nr 1 (lub 2) stanie się paintingiem, bo zamierzam odtworzyć je farbami, mam nadzieję, że nie masz nic przeciwko. :D

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