The world we live in. Somewhere above Europe#2

I’ve been sick the last days and, since I didn’t really leave my bed, the only thing I can see is the back wall of the building across our backyard. Not the most stunning view to be honest. But then I remembered what one of you said about my “A trip to the countryside” post: “I love how the close up of the tree looks like desert sand”. I didn’t notice that before; but it actually did look like a desert shot from an airplane, with the sands moved in different directions after a storm. I just loved the comparision. So thank you again. And, as I’m not a fan of close-ups (mostly because of my absolute lack of ability of taking a photo sharp, I’m just horrible at it), I actually enjoy the “aerial” photography. In my case it should be called “photos taken through the dirty airplane window” photography, but still, these photos are the only reason I’ll fight for a sit close to the window.

The photos below were taken somewhere between Lisbon and Prague.

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