23, 4 days later or I go to Munich tomorrow or somewhere above Europe #3

This post should have appeared here four days ago. But, well, let’s say that I’m not doing really good in organizing my life nowadays. I have not posted for a couple of weeks now; furthermore, I don’t actually remember when was the last time I took a photo. I mean there’ve been some, but not good enough. I’m dealing with my little everyday problems, like doing the unpaid internship, learning the language, trying to prepare my portfolio, babysitting and looking for a part time job. And although none of the things above is so hard itself, combined all together they can be a bit of pain.

Now enough of excuses, this post is here because I turned 23 four days ago and, just like last year, I was thinking of what this 365 days changed in my life.

And did they change a lot. I finished my Bachelor’s, moved out from Portugal, moved in to Germany. Got a job and lost it. Fell in love and got my heart broken. Decided to never say never and well, learnt my lesson. I guess you could say this year was pretty devastating for me and yes, you’d be right. It was on one hand. On the other it created me the way I am nowadays, still willing to travel, still looking for my place, with tons of new experiences and many, many good people that I met on my way. I guess I’m happy about everything that happened and, well, I’m more than ever willing to travel. And also I’m looking for possibilities of leaving the European continent for the first time in my life…

I wasn’t actually prepared when it comes to writing this post. Last year I was way more prepared. But, as I’m probably the biggest European fan of Calle 13 (thanks, Miguel), I’m just going to use his words:

Soy las ganas de vivir,
Las ganas de cruzar,
Las ganas de conocer lo que hay después del mar

(I am the desire to live,
The desire to cross,
The desire to know what’s beyond the ocean)*

Ladies and gentlemen, “La vuelta al mundo”. (To these of you who do not speak Spanish, I still recommend you to watch the lovely video).

By the way, some things never change. Just like the fact that I go to Munich and to Switzerland next week although, well, I’m on a very tight budget. Very tight**.

Or that I really really love aerial photos (taken on my way back from Italy, December 2013).


*One of the reasons I did not become a translator.

** I accept donations.

3 Responses to “23, 4 days later or I go to Munich tomorrow or somewhere above Europe #3”
  1. Herzliche geburtstag, lovely lady. Your posts are always so bright and happy, I had no idea you had such hard times last year. You’re right, though, that we become who we are because of our experiences, good or bad. Hoping 2014 is grand for you, all around.

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