Lucha campesina. Buenos Aires

Some of these photos have been published here

Hairdresser 3. Lisbon

I know where men get these fancy “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours” mustaches now. Hashtag, no filter.

Hairdresser 2. Peniche

Also try your luck and buy a lottery ticket!

Hairdresser. Barcelona

And they say that the cobbler’s children have no shoes…

The reader. Lisbon

There are about five books I am reading right now. The thing is I don’t really remember when have I actually finished reading the last book.

A. Lisbon

I guess he was pretty surprised when I asked him if I could take a photo. He said yes though and I guess that’s the only thing that matters.

Willing to go (or the 250th post). Girona

(I’m writing the post from Baleal, Portugal, actually. The photo had been taken on the aiport of Girona, Spain though) You’re right about the title. I’m dying for changes again. And also that’s the 250th post published here! Thank you all for keeping me here!

Waterfalls. Barcelona

The fountains of the Palau Nacional in  Montjuïc – and a bit of the Palau itself. And some tourists and souvenir sellers.

No Sagrada Familia. Barcelona

This is a view you get from one of the miradoros of Montjuic. Most of the people want to get a panorama with La Sagrada Familia on it; me among them. The result photo though was what I call “a postcard” – a photo you get when you google “Barcelona”. I decided to get a “not-so-obvious” view … Continue reading

La Boqueria. Barcelona

La Boqueria is a market located in the center of Barcelona, at La Rambla. I talked to one girl; she told me it used to be a place where the local grannies were going to buy their groceries. Now its filled with the tourists, the prices went up, the old customers stopped appearing. And the … Continue reading