23, 4 days later or I go to Munich tomorrow or somewhere above Europe #3

This post should have appeared here four days ago. But, well, let’s say that I’m not doing really good in organizing my life nowadays. I have not posted for a couple of weeks now; furthermore, I don’t actually remember when was the last time I took a photo. I mean there’ve been some, but not … Continue reading

We call it Christmas when the adverts begin. Verona

Starring Dante Alighieri. The title inspiration to be found here. Food for thought.

Until we get there. Lisbon

It’s not Lisbon actually. It’s some place in between. The title song to be found here.

Better not stop moving or we’re 1 year old. From Rybnik to Lisbon and back

Exactly one year ago I published my first post. I was just starting my Portuguese adventure back then and I had absolutely no idea that, instead of 6 months, I’d live there for almost a year. It was a good time and it passed quickly – here in Poland we say that the happy don’t … Continue reading

I want to fly away. Miradouro do Pontal da Carrapateira

…and in the meantime, the idea of moving to another country again seems more and more probable. Shot during our Roadtrip to the South of Portugal.

Roadtrip to the South.

On Thursday I wrote my last exam on University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Letters. An hour later I was already in the car with my friends, heading South. We already spent two nights camping on beautiful, Portuguese beaches. I’m writing these words in Lagos. Where do we go tomorrow? We’re not sure yet. We have … Continue reading

All yellow. Porto

As much as I love black and white photography (although you cannot see many examples of this love too often here), I think sometimes there’s nothing better than a good dose of colour. And this post is dedicated mostly to those of you, who haven’t seen sunny days for a while already. All the pictures … Continue reading

The last view or don’t look back in anger. Madeira

Back in October I was furious. The shuttle bus to the airport didn’t stop and I had no time to wait for the next one. I decided to take a taxi. I was lucky enough that the driver decided to give me the ride although I didn’t have enough money – I have never spent … Continue reading

Something ends, something begins. Somewhere above Europe

So, does anybody still remember that the world was supposed to end (again)? I was honestly expecting to get a bird’s-eye view on that one. Well, actually I got to see something way different. I’d rather say that it was a new beginning than an ending… Or maybe it was the end of the world … Continue reading

Winter in the city. Warsaw

I had some spare time in Warsaw before taking the train to my hometown. It felt strange walking through the streets I know, or maybe “I used to know”, after such a long absence. Anyway, there are a lot of people saying, that Warsaw is ugly. Seriously, guys?