Early Späti. Berlin

I wanted to print a document so I had to wait till the girl working in this Späti would come back to the shop. As her mother (?) explained me, the girl hasn’t eaten anything warm for the whole day and she herself didn’t know how to use computer to let me print my stuff. That’s how I … Continue reading

Hairdresser 2. Peniche

Also try your luck and buy a lottery ticket!

Hairdresser. Barcelona

And they say that the cobbler’s children have no shoes…

The reader. Lisbon

There are about five books I am reading right now. The thing is I don’t really remember when have I actually finished reading the last book.

A. Lisbon

I guess he was pretty surprised when I asked him if I could take a photo. He said yes though and I guess that’s the only thing that matters.

Monika. Berlin

Monika sells jewelry – Saturdays at the Maybachufer and Sundays at the Boxhagenerplatz. – Can you send me the photos afterwards? She asked me. – Well of course. Just give me your e-mail. – I don’t have one. – Well, in this case I can print them for you and bring them. – That would … Continue reading

Catarina&Carolina. Berlin

I went to the Turkish Market again. This time though I kept walking down the Maybachufer, and that’s where I found them – Carolina and Catarina, both Portuguese. They are starting their fashion brand – Cuza, mixing the traditional african textils with modern design. I got to love it. I tried on some of their clothes … Continue reading

Obwarzanek. Kraków

I am looking for the right word to translate “obwarzanek” and I guess the closest will be “bagel”. Or “pretzel”. Just go to Kraków and try it, and you will know.

The Market 2. Rybnik

My mom told me that the salesmen at the local market were asking her lately “where was her daughter with the camera”. So I paid them a small visit this weekend.

Welders. Berlin

Repairing the Boxhagenerstr.