Why the silence?

Sorry for not posting lately. I actually have quite some photos waiting to be published, but my computer stopped working. Therefore I won’t be posting till I get the computer repaired/get myself a new one. See you soon!

Another blog

I have to tell you something. I’ve been feeling quite under pressure here lately (the last months?) The blog that started as fun (and as a “notebook” for my Portuguese adventure), has become kind of a work for me. And I don’t feel very succesful at the job. The times I leave Berlin are the … Continue reading

I’m now on Flickr

…because I wanted to win this awesome Nikon lens, but I didn’t read that you needed to be the US citizen to take part in the contest. Anyway, if anyone of you finds it more comfortable to join me on Flickr than here, on WordPress, please do. You can also join me on Facebook and … Continue reading

Three of five or call for help #2

So, there is this little photo competition “Portugal in black and white”. No big stuff, but you know, it’s always nice to see how far one can get. And each person can send three pictures. And that’s where my problem starts, because I chose five. Well. So I decided to ask you for a little … Continue reading

Photo editing or call for help

I have a question for you. Which software do you use for editing your photos? I am looking for something to edit the RAW files – it can be as simple as possible, because I don’t really use it for anything else than cropping, changing to b&w or adding some saturation. I’ve been using Picasa’s … Continue reading

Mishatsky on Pinterest

Maybe you have already noticed the little change on my blog. I am amazed by how many people actually use Pinterest, so I decided to create one for my blog as well! It probably took me way too much time to understand what should I do with it, but finally – it’s done. I created … Continue reading


In “About me” I wrote that I was the author of all of the photos posted on this blog. Well, not anymore. This photo was taken by a photographer way better than me – my dad. Why did I choose this picture? Well, because yesterday I turned 22, which means that for some of you … Continue reading

Mishatsky on Facebook

Olá everybody! Mishatsky has a Facebook fanpage now, so make sure you become a fan to be informed about anything new that happens here! Cheers!

Hello, World!

As it’s known it’s the hardest task to write the first sentences… Here’s a great “welcome!” to anyone who will ever enter this site, I hope you’ll feel like home. I created this blog because I moved to another country, Portugal, where I’ll spend the nearest months of my life. So here it is, an … Continue reading