Early Späti. Berlin

I wanted to print a document so I had to wait till the girl working in this Späti would come back to the shop. As her mother (?) explained me, the girl hasn’t eaten anything warm for the whole day and she herself didn’t know how to use computer to let me print my stuff. That’s how I … Continue reading

Mirabelle. Berlin

I still regret I haven’t bought the mirabelles at last Sunday’s flea market in Mauerpark. I just love the taste. I also thought that the “lady” in the hut was the one selling them.

Shiva. Berlin

As reflected on Saturday at Maybachufer.

Monika. Berlin

Monika sells jewelry – Saturdays at the Maybachufer and Sundays at the Boxhagenerplatz. – Can you send me the photos afterwards? She asked me. – Well of course. Just give me your e-mail. – I don’t have one. – Well, in this case I can print them for you and bring them. – That would … Continue reading

Catarina&Carolina. Berlin

I went to the Turkish Market again. This time though I kept walking down the Maybachufer, and that’s where I found them – Carolina and Catarina, both Portuguese. They are starting their fashion brand – Cuza, mixing the traditional african textils with modern design. I got to love it. I tried on some of their clothes … Continue reading

Welders. Berlin

Repairing the Boxhagenerstr.

Chillin’. Berlin

These ladies have their favourite bench in Kreuzberg. The day I would take a picture of them had to come eventually…

Call for help #4 (Analog Camera Repair in Berlin)

Moin! So, I grabbed my dad’s old Nikon FE2. I gave it a new battery. I gave it a new film. Still, the light meter won’t work and the only shutter speed I can use is M250, which is a mechanical setting. After a session of googling I know it should be a problem with … Continue reading

Karneval der Kulturen 2014. Berlin

Was that a beautiful day! (Or a half of it, since I just wanted to leave my bicycle on my friend’s backyard and ended up getting lunch and coffee with him – and missing half of the parade. Well.) I’m really getting excited about living in Berlin in the summer – turns out this city … Continue reading

The Color Run 2014. Berlin

I had really high expectations after last year’s run in Coimbra. Well, unfortunately, I left the event a bit disappointed yesterday. It was a lot of fun, for sure, the weather was great, and this time I had an official accreditation, which let me enter places I wouldn’t have entered normally. But there was something … Continue reading