Early Späti. Berlin

I wanted to print a document so I had to wait till the girl working in this Späti would come back to the shop. As her mother (?) explained me, the girl hasn’t eaten anything warm for the whole day and she herself didn’t know how to use computer to let me print my stuff. That’s how I … Continue reading

Priceless. Óbidos

I took this photo during my second visit in the charming town of Óbidos and it has become one of my favourites taken during my last stay in Portugal. I’d been rather disappointed with the previous ones when I noticed this photo opportunity. Couldn’t do anything else but take the picture. PS Don’t forget to … Continue reading

The Sims. Eindhoven

Oh, did I suck at playing the Sims. The only good part in this game was building the house (thanks to my cousin who knew the code for never-ending money. Yeah I was a cheater). I took the photos at the Eindhoven airport, a couple of hours before my flight to Porto.

Ice cream? Cieszyn

I liked the pastel colours of the café. I tried to capture the lady inside as she was entering, unfortunately I was taking the picture from the middle of the street (it didn’t look good enough from any other place) so I had to run for my life at some point. I might have exaggerated … Continue reading

Where’s the waitress? Cieszyn

Yet another picture from the La dolce Silesia exhibition – I told you that you could go to the café through the showroom. I was so confused at first that I actually thought that the café was part of the exhibition. Well, I was wrong, but I took a picture anyway. By the way I … Continue reading

People in black&white. Nazaré&Lisbon

Perhaps there is a story behind every photo. There is a widow drying fish in the hot sun. Two gentlemen caught in the middle of discussion. A lady protecting herself from the sun and observing what’s going on in her neighbourhood. Finally, a well-dressed elegant man waiting for his bus. I took this picture only … Continue reading