Monika. Berlin

Monika sells jewelry – Saturdays at the Maybachufer and Sundays at the Boxhagenerplatz. – Can you send me the photos afterwards? She asked me. – Well of course. Just give me your e-mail. – I don’t have one. – Well, in this case I can print them for you and bring them. – That would … Continue reading

The Market 2. Rybnik

My mom told me that the salesmen at the local market were asking her lately “where was her daughter with the camera”. So I paid them a small visit this weekend.

The Color Run 2014. Berlin

I had really high expectations after last year’s run in Coimbra. Well, unfortunately, I left the event a bit disappointed yesterday. It was a lot of fun, for sure, the weather was great, and this time I had an official accreditation, which let me enter places I wouldn’t have entered normally. But there was something … Continue reading

Fladdenbrot seller. Berlin

This beautiful lady was selling bread at the Turkish market. After taking this photo I decided that from now on I’ll always ask my models for their name.  

Mondrian. Berlin

Some close-ups of a very lovely Citroën spotted on the Simon-Dach-Str. about a week ago.

White gloves. Peschiera del Garda

The pink story continues. And I’m not even done yet.

Food from top#3 or autumn has come. Peniche

I went for a walk in my new Berlin neighbourhood and then I heard it. The cracking of the dry, yellow leaves under my boots. I picked up some chestnuts and used them as our kitchen’s tealight decoration. The autumn has come. Funny part is I took this photo in Peniche, Portugal, when it was … Continue reading

Ice cream? Cieszyn

I liked the pastel colours of the café. I tried to capture the lady inside as she was entering, unfortunately I was taking the picture from the middle of the street (it didn’t look good enough from any other place) so I had to run for my life at some point. I might have exaggerated … Continue reading

The market. Rybnik

I’ve been in Poland for a week already, but I only spent two days in my hometown so far. And those were Saturdays – which means the market days. Unfortunately, Saturday mornings are for sleeping. Which means I woke up way too late to take colourful pictures of the products sold on the market; not … Continue reading

All yellow. Porto

As much as I love black and white photography (although you cannot see many examples of this love too often here), I think sometimes there’s nothing better than a good dose of colour. And this post is dedicated mostly to those of you, who haven’t seen sunny days for a while already. All the pictures … Continue reading