Call for help #4 (Analog Camera Repair in Berlin)

Moin! So, I grabbed my dad’s old Nikon FE2. I gave it a new battery. I gave it a new film. Still, the light meter won’t work and the only shutter speed I can use is M250, which is a mechanical setting. After a session of googling I know it should be a problem with the electronics. So, here is my question – does anybody know a specialist who’d take a look at it and maybe repair it for me?

6 Responses to “Call for help #4 (Analog Camera Repair in Berlin)”
  1. Jens Christian Vödisch Photography says:

    I can recommend Ambulanz für Fotografie!

  2. In case you couldn’t get it fixed yet, here’s another hint, located on Alte Schönhauser: (it’s a shop for analogue photography, but maybe they do some repairing, too).

    • Mishatsky says:

      Thanks! The plan is to use the roll of film till the end, see if anything worked out, and then repair the camera. So I’ll be coming back to your tip!:)

  3. oder aber kameraservice am ostkreuz, neue bahnhofstrasse 6. die haben mo-fr von 10-18 uhr geoeffnet und machten einen ganz netten eindruck. habe da aber noch nichts reparieren lassen.

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