Hairdresser. Barcelona

And they say that the cobbler’s children have no shoes…

Willing to go (or the 250th post). Girona

(I’m writing the post from Baleal, Portugal, actually. The photo had been taken on the aiport of Girona, Spain though) You’re right about the title. I’m dying for changes again. And also that’s the 250th post published here! Thank you all for keeping me here!

Waterfalls. Barcelona

The fountains of the Palau Nacional in  Montjuïc – and a bit of the Palau itself. And some tourists and souvenir sellers.

No Sagrada Familia. Barcelona

This is a view you get from one of the miradoros of Montjuic. Most of the people want to get a panorama with La Sagrada Familia on it; me among them. The result photo though was what I call “a postcard” – a photo you get when you google “Barcelona”. I decided to get a “not-so-obvious” view … Continue reading

La Boqueria. Barcelona

La Boqueria is a market located in the center of Barcelona, at La Rambla. I talked to one girl; she told me it used to be a place where the local grannies were going to buy their groceries. Now its filled with the tourists, the prices went up, the old customers stopped appearing. And the … Continue reading

To the moon. Xiva

What was the name of that moon? Supermoon? Megamoon? I don’t remember – anyway the walk I had with Natalia one afternoon in Xiva was lovely!

Leaving. Valencia

I became a fan of palm trees since I bought my first palm a couple of months ago. I liked the blue wall behind this one; I found it somewhere in Valencia.

The ball. Xàbia Arenal

  The Xàbia Arenal was the second beach we visited the very same day as the Cala Xàbia. It’s sandy so it was more comfortable to lay on than the rocks of Cala, but for me there where way too many people . But I got this shot, so I’m totally fine about that.

Sunny. Cala Xàbia

I’m asking myself how am I capable of taking more pictures during a week abroad than during almost a year (!) in Berlin. Is it because the summer here ended so fast? Anyway, I took this one while going to the rocky beach of Cala Xàbia, not so far away from Valencia.  

Kayak. Valencia

Two girls kayaking (?) in the pools of Valencia’s Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.