Hairdresser 3. Lisbon

I know where men get these fancy “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours”┬ámustaches now. Hashtag, no filter.

Hairdresser 2. Peniche

Also try your luck and buy a lottery ticket!

The reader. Lisbon

There are about five books I am reading right now. The thing is I don’t really remember when have I actually finished reading the last book.

A. Lisbon

I guess he was pretty surprised when I asked him if I could take a photo. He said yes though and I guess that’s the only thing that matters.

Feira da Ladra. Lisbon

I have published some photos from Feira da Ladra already, back in 2012. I would go there from time to time when I was living in Lisbon. Normally I wouldn’t take photos though; this time I decided to go back with the pure intention of taking new photos – a challenge though, because usin only … Continue reading

Let’s go to the beach. Lagos

Sorry for the absence. I moved to another flat and I do not have the internet there. Plus tomorrow I’m off to Spain – so I hope to come back with tons of photos to show you (and the internet connection to upload them). I took this photo last year in Lagos, Portugal, and then … Continue reading

Shooting the shoot. Peniche

Another forgotten photo from the 2012 Rip Curl Pro in Peniche. I wonder which surfer was riding the waves at that time…

Botanical garden. Lisbon

Last year’s shots, again. Sorry.

B&W (gallery)

My dad asked me a couple of days ago to choose some of my photos for him to print and hang in his office. Black&white photos, that is. I ended up with 19 pictures; all of them have already been published here. I retouched some of them though; and some of them became black&white for … Continue reading

Retelling the story. Sete Cidades

I took this photo back in December 2012 (I just wowed realizing how long ago that was) and published it originally in its (almost) full format in this post. And, although I loved it back then the way it was (because I still had the story fresh in my head), for some reason I came … Continue reading