Retelling the story. Sete Cidades

I took this photo back in December 2012 (I just wowed realizing how long ago that was) and published it originally in its (almost) full format in this post. And, although I loved it back then the way it was (because I still had the story fresh in my head), for some reason I came across it again this week and decided to give it another look.

And was that a good decision.

Well, I do know more about photography now than I did in 2012. The quality of the photos I take nowadays is better but, on the other hand, I feel like I somehow lost the spontaneous, fresh and a bit naive eye I had back then. Just a thought.

Here the old photo telling the new story:

DSC_0184 (2)-1

4 Responses to “Retelling the story. Sete Cidades”
  1. I thought there was quite a story in that photo last time, and I still do.

  2. swebbatron says:

    Your new edit is a good one. I like the crop.

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