Portraits of Uruguay. Colonia del Sacramento & Montevideo

Portraits of Patagonia. Esquel, Bariloche, Colonia Suiza, San Martin de los Andes, Junin de los Andes

Some shots from my travels through Patagonia this February.

Lucha campesina. Buenos Aires

Some of these photos have been published here

Retelling the story. Sete Cidades

I took this photo back in December 2012 (I just wowed realizing how long ago that was) and published it originally in its (almost) full format in this post. And, although I loved it back then the way it was (because I still had the story fresh in my head), for some reason I came … Continue reading

Santo António. Lisbon

  “You don’t publish many photos,” my friend told me “you only post one or two in each post”. “Well,” I said “you’re right. Unless there’s something going on. Then I’ll post ten”. Just like during the General Strike. Or the Rip Curl Pro. Or the Color Run. Or the eve of the Santo António … Continue reading