Hairdresser 3. Lisbon

I know where men get these fancy “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours” mustaches now. Hashtag, no filter. Advertisements

The reader. Lisbon

There are about five books I am reading right now. The thing is I don’t really remember when have I actually finished reading the last book.

A. Lisbon

I guess he was pretty surprised when I asked him if I could take a photo. He said yes though and I guess that’s the only thing that matters.

Feira da Ladra. Lisbon

I have published some photos from Feira da Ladra already, back in 2012. I would go there from time to time when I was living in Lisbon. Normally I wouldn’t take photos though; this time I decided to go back with the pure intention of taking new photos – a challenge though, because usin only … Continue reading

Until we get there. Lisbon

It’s not Lisbon actually. It’s some place in between. The title song to be found here.

I think I might have moved the camera. Lisbon

Yes, it is Friday night and yes, I am looking through the old photos. So what. Good night!

On the rocks. Baleal

I think that one of my photographic crazes is photographing people as very small creatures compared to the overwhelming nature or, in some cases, architecture (although the second example I, personally, find a bit scary). One of my absolute favourites are those that I took from above in Miradouro do Pontal da Carrapateira, during my … Continue reading

Zigzag. Óbidos

The town of Óbidos looked so different from what I remembered from my first trip there back in April. Anyway, taking a walk on its walls seems to be a good idea anytime. This time I liked the zigzag shadows in one of the backyards. PS Don’t forget to join me on Facebook and Pinterest … Continue reading

Sans domicile fixe or what do I think about… being homeless.

Maybe not literally homeless (at least not since I managed to find the room). During the last three years of  I have lived in three countries, four cities and six flats, not counting all my stays at my parents’ house. And it made me thinking. Am I actually homeless, because I don’t have only one … Continue reading

Priceless. Óbidos

I took this photo during my second visit in the charming town of Óbidos and it has become one of my favourites taken during my last stay in Portugal. I’d been rather disappointed with the previous ones when I noticed this photo opportunity. Couldn’t do anything else but take the picture. PS Don’t forget to … Continue reading