In “About me” I wrote that I was the author of all of the photos posted on this blog. Well, not anymore. This photo was taken by a photographer way better than me – my dad.

Why did I choose this picture? Well, because yesterday I turned 22, which means that for some of you I’m still a child and for some I’m a living proof that the dinosaurs existed. But that’s not really the point; what this photo showed me is that some things never really change. For some reason it had to take me years to realize that actually photography isn’t only something that I LIKE but it’s actually something I’d LIKE TO BE DOING, along with travelling, of course.

Well, life has taught me that not everything that we plan can come true (you can laugh right now, I know I sound like somebody way older than 22 now), but it has also taught me that if we want something, we should at least TRY getting that thing. I have given up several possibilities already. Do I regret? Yes and no. On one hand I know I lost something. On the other, all the decisions that we make lead us to something new. Maybe if four years ago I decided to study in Edinburgh, as I wanted to, I would never have the opportunity to live in Portugal. And even if I had, it would still be different.

The last year has been really important to me (well actually when I think about it, all previous 21 years of my life were important somehow). I ended some things, started new ones. Made mistakes, some of which I really regret. I moved to another country. I guess I’ve become more independent and secure.

I did things I never did before. I couchsurfed for the very first time (and then the second and the third and so on and so on). I started travelling alone so I guess I’m braver than I used to be. And, last but not least, I created this blog. That’s something, right?

Well, I still don’t really know what I want from life. This year I will have to make some pretty important decisions, so again, it will become important. I have several ideas already, and I will see what the choice will be. To be honest, I guess I will be equally shocked as anyone else.

Sorry I didn’t leave you any cake!



8 Responses to “22”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Głębokie przemyślenia! Ciekawe czy i mnie najdą takie za kilkanaście dni:)

    • Mishatsky says:

      Pisałam to w samolocie lecąc z Polski do Portugalii, miałam czas na głębię;) A jako że od kilku dni byłam wtedy na sucharkach to i na majaczenie się zabrało;)

  2. swebbatron says:

    This really is a great photo! Love the intensity in your face!!

  3. Your blog is so amazing.

    And this is the the sweetest photo ever :)

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