Another blog

I have to tell you something.

I’ve been feeling quite under pressure here lately (the last months?) The blog that started as fun (and as a “notebook” for my Portuguese adventure), has become kind of a work for me. And I don’t feel very succesful at the job. The times I leave Berlin are the good ones – I change the surroundings and suddenly it becomes easier to notice interesting photo opportunities. I wanted to force myself to publish one post a day thinking that would push me to take photos daily, but it didn’t. Therefore, as you probably have noticed, I publish less regularly than before… which doesn’t mean that I’m planning to abandon the ship. Sure not.

I came up with another idea though – I started another blog (funny part is that some of you are already liking posts there – I wonder if you’ve noticed that it’s mine as well). And if you think that’s just another blog where a girl is publishing food photos taken with her mobile phone – you’re right. It’s just that I don’t feel any pressure on me doing that – I don’t have to choose the right aperture, measure the light, and I don’t have to spend time looking through 372 photos to only choose to publish 5 of them. I will be publishing street food photos mostly – as I travel somewhere, I will definitely try the local food. And I will most probably buy it on the street. But, as Berlin is filled with cheap, and very tempting, food stalls, and as I don’t say no to pizza (and especially not to the pizza sold on Frankfurter Allee 42), I will not be focusing on local specialities only.

This all being said, here’s a link to the blog. Which I decided to call Wanderhunger. A mixture between Wanderlust and Hunger. And also because other ideas where already taken. Enjoy!

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  1. Zuzia says:

    Smakowicie! :)

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