Sacrum profanum or abandoned#1. Racibórz

A couple of days before I left to Berlin my friend invited me on a photo trip. Upper Silesia, where I come from, is an industrial region, so our plan was to visit three – out of many – places in our area, that used to be a great example of industrial architecture and now are left abandoned (or are used by homeless people for temporary shelters). One of them was the old locomotive shed in Racibórz. To our great surprise when we arrived there we only found a rubble. It had been demolished not long before we decided to go there. Luckily, some of the buildings are still there – some of them closed, some of them left open for “visitors”. Some of them are somewhere in between of being closed and open but let’s not discuss the legal issues here. Anyway – today you can see the first results. Saint pictures on the walls and porn posters on the floor. Camera loves this story.

5 Responses to “Sacrum profanum or abandoned#1. Racibórz”
  1. lostfunzone says:

    hui, das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus! bin gespannt auf mehr ;)

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