Sans domicile fixe or what do I think about… being homeless.

Maybe not literally homeless (at least not since I managed to find the room). During the last three years of  I have lived in three countries, four cities and six flats, not counting all my stays at my parents’ house. And it made me thinking. Am I actually homeless, because I don’t have only one place that I call “home”? Or does that make me lucky enough to have so many places where I feel like home – Rybnik, Warsaw, Lisbon and – hopefully – Berlin?

And then I came upon the French term – sans domicile fixe – which (tell me if I’m wrong) happens to mean not really “homeless” but “without a fixed shelter”. Well. Maybe that’s what describes me the best.

Written from my new home in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Let’s see what happens next.

The photos were all taken on the coasts of Portugal.

8 Responses to “Sans domicile fixe or what do I think about… being homeless.”
  1. lostfunzone says:

    willkommen zu hause ;)
    viel spass!

  2. Margaux says:

    Domicile is more like an adress or you’re home in legal terms. But I like shelter as well, and the picture remind me our bikini walk :*

  3. Margaux says:

    your* still early morning :p

  4. Sarah says:

    it’s actually the exact meaning in french ! believe the frenchy haha :) beautiful text, it’s more or less what I feel about the feeling “Home”…. kisses from France ! :)

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