Views on Patagonia. Esquel & Parque Nacional los Alerces


To the moon. Xiva

What was the name of that moon? Supermoon? Megamoon? I don’t remember – anyway the walk I had with Natalia one afternoon in Xiva was lovely!

I could see no Alpes. Munich

There is a lot of going on here. Plus I think I’ve seen these cabs somewhere already, Peter.

Long way home. Lagoa do Fogo

I’m writing these words in the airplane heading to Prague, Czech Republic. By the time you’ll be reading them, I’ll be in my hometown already, in southwest Poland. Or maybe in Warsaw, studying for the exams. Or somewhere else in Poland, Europe or world, if you happen to be reading them weeks, months or years … Continue reading

(Im)perfection. Peniche

I cannot decide whether the white fence annoys me or just reminds me that those are the little imperfections that make us (and everything else) more interesting. This is the 100th post here and choosing this picture I’ve sent a little message to myself – there is always something worth working on! Shot in the … Continue reading