No Sagrada Familia. Barcelona

This is a view you get from one of the miradoros of Montjuic. Most of the people want to get a panorama with La Sagrada Familia on it; me among them. The result photo though was what I call “a postcard” – a photo you get when you google “Barcelona”. I decided to get a “not-so-obvious” view of Barcelona and as a result… This photo (in black and white) is be the only one I get myself printed as a memorabilia of that trip.


2 Responses to “No Sagrada Familia. Barcelona”
  1. La Sagrada Familia has such an interesting story. I’m glad you got to see it – would love to experience it one day myself. We’ll see how that goes.

    • Mishatsky says:

      The story (and Gaudi’s art itself) is interesting indeed. I haven’t entered la sagrada familia though, nor any of Gaudi’s “casas” – the entrances are just too expensive. Even Park Güell, which you could enter for free when I was in Barcelona last year, now costs you 8 euros. Of course there still will be many people willing to pay that money, but I personally think the raises are too drastic. Anyway Barcelona definitely is worth visiting!:)

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