La Boqueria. Barcelona

La Boqueria is a market located in the center of Barcelona, at La Rambla. I talked to one girl; she told me it used to be a place where the local grannies were going to buy their groceries. Now its filled with the tourists, the prices went up, the old customers stopped appearing. And the sellers are not happy at all with the fact their businesses are now one of Barcelona’s “must-sees”, since everybody comes to take photos now – and now to buy their products. Me, I have to admit it, included.

About the photos now – almost all of them were taken in Boqueria. Except for the one with flowers, which I took not so far from its entrence, at one of the stands of La Rambla (the one herself also turned from a traditional Sunday walk path for the families to an unbelievable stream of tourists).

I like the first one the most; I took it at a stand with some Latin American specialities. I like the action going on there, the attendant and the client exchange. I took a similar photo in Berlin’s Turkish market some time ago so I guess I’ll publish it for comparision soon.

As some of you probably suppose already, I didn’t feel really comfortable among so many people at Boqueria or Rambla itself. I was more than happy to turn into one of the smaller streets of Raval and get myself lost.


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