Turkish market. Berlin

I became addicted to the Turkish market at Maybachufer in Berlin. I go there almost every Tuesday and Friday and always end up buying way too many vegetables and fruits than a single girl needs. (Tip: if you go there around 5PM the prices sink drastically – I once was offered buying 10 melons for 1 euro. For your information, I didn’t buy them. The thing is, you need to eat the things you buy within a day or two, otherwise they start rotting.) Anyway yesterday I decided to go there way earlier than usual in order to take some photos, similar to those I took last summer when I was at home: “Food from top”.

There you go.

I have a soft spot for black and white lately, so I gave it a try with the veggies (and textiles) and I loved the effect. But, as summer is for colours, tomorrow I’ll post the colorful versions of these again.


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