WordPress decided to remind me of everything that happened here over the last year. I actually did this kind of resumé on my own but as I’ve lost the sheet with all the info (I’m not even surprised) I am more than glad WordPress helped me out.

The report says:

– the blog has been viewed around 8,300 times in 2013;

– most of the readers came from Poland, Portugal, Germany and the US;

“The Color Run. Coimbra” was the most popular post;

– I published 153 posts and uploaded 296 photos.

I on my own decided to choose my personal favourites. I tried to pick as little photos as possible (which was a hard task). I had to choose from photos taken in seven countries… And I’m glad to announce not all of them come from Portugal. I chose them for different reasons; some of them I guess you could call “good”, some of them mean something more than that to me. Here the list (in random order):

1) Until we get there. Lisbon – because it’s gray and because it’s Lisbon.

2) Priceless. Óbidos – because I love the story going on there.

3) Green green green green green green blue. Berlin – because I’m really proud of this one.

4) Where’s Wally? Miradouro do Pontal da Carrapateira – surfers vs. mighty ocean? Come on.

5) (Im)perfection. Peniche – because it’s not perfect at all, yet I had not to change a single thing in it. Plus it reminds me things can always be done better. Plus it’s Peniche.

6) The Saturday Mass. Sete Cidades – check out no. 2)

7) The Color Run. Coimbra – because it’s filled with fun and happiness and I wish it to you (and me) in 2014

And here the photos, so that you can take a second look at them if you wish.

PS Please note – the photos were uploaded and published in 2013. Some of them were taken back in 2012.


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