Contrasts. Cologne

I thought it would be nice to brighten up the things here a little bit after the “Abandoned” series. And my weekend trip to Cologne turned out to be a great time (and a great place) to do so. I am not really sure how this architecture details are supposed to brighten up anything, I guess that’s the little bit of a blue sky that we’re missing today in Berlin. By the way, can you see the three heads on the bottom of one of the photos? I absolutely hate them because I haven’t noticed them right after taking the picture so that I could reshoot. But I just realized that the guy is wearing a cap that says “Yay!”. It’s stupid enough for me to make them stay here.

5 Responses to “Contrasts. Cologne”
  1. CitraGran Cibubur says:

    Reblogged this on CitraGran Cibubur.

  2. Dad Knows says:

    Caps…? You mean those ants down at the bottom there? I would not have noticed them. :)

    I was about to mention the serious contrast in architectural style there, but then realized that’s the point of this post.

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