Better not stop moving or we’re 1 year old. From Rybnik to Lisbon and back

Exactly one year ago I published my first post. I was just starting my Portuguese adventure back then and I had absolutely no idea that, instead of 6 months, I’d live there for almost a year. It was a good time and it passed quickly – here in Poland we say that the happy don’t count time. Well, maybe I wasn’t actually HAPPY all that time, there were some unhappy moments, but for sure I was LUCKY.

The blog started out as an exercise for me – I’m pretty horrible at doing things regularly – and as a base for my Portuguese experiences. Which after some time happened to be also Spanish, German and Polish experiences (so far). In that year I published 140 posts, with the best daily result of 319 views and 1,089 views in the best month. That’s not much, I know that some of you get 1,089 views or more per day, but still I’m really glad about that. And the nicest thing for me is the total of 383 followers here on WordPress and on Facebook – thank you!

Today’s title was inspired by a Portuguese artist We Trust, or should I say by his song “Time (Better Not Stop)”. You can listen to it here. I got to know this song when I visited Peniche for the first time. Good time that was. But now it’s a completely different story…

Funny part – today afternoon I’m leaving to Portugal again.


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8 Responses to “Better not stop moving or we’re 1 year old. From Rybnik to Lisbon and back”
  1. lostfunzone says:

    Congratulations for your anniversary! And bon voyage.

  2. lostfunzone says:

    and let me add that the vast majority of sites with more than 1000 visits a day are most probably not maintained by photography hobbyists like us ;)

  3. Pauline says:

    wow! congratulations!:) and you’re going to Portugal? I miss Portugal. *sigh*

  4. Zuzia says:

    Rybnik. Miasto, gdzie czas nie ma większego znaczenia;)

  5. Erwin A. Dence Jr. says:

    Thanks for checking out It looks like you’re hitting one adventure after another. I really appreciated the ‘couch surfing’ shot.

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