La dolce Silesia. Cieszyn

“What are we going to do this weekend?” my mom asked me and I said “Why don’t we go to Cieszyn, they have an exhibition of Silesian Design in their castle there”. So we went, and I was really disappointed. Not that much by the presented works – OK, they didn’t wow me but I thought alright, it’s product design, it has to be functional in the first place (not really entirely true but I was looking for excuses). I was disappointed by the exhibition itself – the products were placed all together, in a room leading to a café, with not enough light. Then we found out that the exhibition continued in another place in the castle. Or maybe that was exactly the same exhibition, because most of the products we’d seen in the first showroom were also present there? I don’t know, I only know that the situation was exactly the same – no light, no spaces between products for them to “breathe”.

This La dolce Silesia – Silesian Cluster of Design exhibition was also presented in Milan. I wonder how did they deal with the space and light issues there?

Anyway, there’s no point in regretting going to Cieszyn. Part of my family comes from that area although when I visit them we rarely go to the center. And that’s a mistake – it’s a lovely town so if you ever happen to be nearby, in Poland or Czech Republic, do not hesistate to go there for a walk. And remember to eat the famous Cieszyn’s herring sandwich – they even have their own facebook fanpage (oh my, I love them)!

Visiting the exhibition itself had its advantages as well. Before going there I had no idea that some of the brands were Silesian – I didn’t even know they were Polish.

And also the entrance was free and I got to drive.

Click on a picture to get a better view!

PS I like to think that the day I went there was not a lucky day – the Castle organises more design exhibitions, so check them out when you go to Cieszyn.

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