Where’s Wally? Miradouro do Pontal da Carrapateira&Cabo de São Vicente

My flight from Prague to Lisbon last week was seven hours late, so being informed that the boarding would take time at 2:45 AM I just went to take a power nap. At 2:30 AM I woke up and heard: This is the last call for passenger Mishatsky travelling to Lisbon. Passenger Mishatsky is asked to come to gate C4 immediately.

I had my moment of glory running through the airport.

Actually I’ve always wanted to do that, but believe me – it’s nothing like on the movies.

Yesterday though I came back from Lisbon, this time… Without the luggage.

Anyway, during the flight we could watch the map and the route of our aircraft on the small LCD screens. Europe looks amazing from that point of view! This reminded me of the pictures that I took during the roadtrip – three of them were taken on the same view point as the paragliding ones; can you see the surfers on the third picture?! The fourth one comes from the Cape of Saint Vincent.

I love the contrast between small human beings and the mighty nature!





One Response to “Where’s Wally? Miradouro do Pontal da Carrapateira&Cabo de São Vicente”
  1. Look at me, I’m not three weeks late reading your blog!

    It is an amazing contrast, considering how much damage we tiny humans can bring about. Those photos are spectacular, by the way.

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