Food from top. Rybnik

I’m sitting in the Gulbenkian’s library in Lisbon working on my thesis. You know this feeling – when you have to do something, you suddenly feel the urge to do something else.

So I decided to take a short break (again) and took a second look at the photos that I’ve taken on the market in my hometown. Except for the first picture, which I took back at home (puff pastry pillows filled with rose hip marmelade made by my mom – yumm).

OK, time to get back to books. Eh.





2 Responses to “Food from top. Rybnik”
  1. lostfunzone says:

    ah, i remember the gulbenkian to be quite chilly in a very pleasant way ;)
    have fun with your thesis!

    • Mishatsky says:

      Gulbenkian’s garden is one of my favourite places of Lisbon and the art library itself is great as well. Especially now, when it’s the only place I can go that has air conditioning…;)

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