Santo António. Lisbon


“You don’t publish many photos,” my friend told me “you only post one or two in each post”.

“Well,” I said “you’re right. Unless there’s something going on. Then I’ll post ten”.

Just like during the General Strike. Or the Rip Curl Pro. Or the Color Run.

Or the eve of the Santo António day.

You may know him as Saint Anthony of Padua, but he was born in Lisbon and has become the patron saint of the city. The day before the 13th of June you can find parades, parties and thousands of people eating sardines on the streets of the capital of Portugal.

As he also is the patron of finding lost things, it makes him a perfect saint for me.











2 Responses to “Santo António. Lisbon”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Chcę tam być! <3

  2. Pol Mangilog says:

    Pasteis de nata!!! *sigh*

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