(Im)perfection. Peniche

I cannot decide whether the white fence annoys me or just reminds me that those are the little imperfections that make us (and everything else) more interesting.

This is the 100th post here and choosing this picture I’ve sent a little message to myself – there is always something worth working on!

Shot in the fortress of Peniche.


6 Responses to “(Im)perfection. Peniche”
  1. This is stunning! :) And I like the fence, its colour goes nicely with the red flower pots :)

  2. lignumdraco says:

    The white metal fence is out of place. Too bad you couldn’t move it.

    • Mishatsky says:

      I know, it’s really annoying me. Maybe if I find some time I’ll just photoshop it, altough it’s not really what I like to do with my photos…

  3. maurycyharsze says:

    I really like the composition.

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