Barri Gòtic. Barcelona

When I came back from Barcelona, I told you that till the last day I wasn’t really satisfied with the pictures that I’d taken.

Till the last day.

That’s when, instead of walking through La Rambla again, we entered the Barri Gòtic. I took some pictures of the picturesque, narrow streets, some of which I really liked, like the one with the bicycle (isn’t the make up on of the faces awesome?).

And then I saw this girl.

This time I didn’t hesitate: should I ask her if I could take a photo of her or not? I just asked. And now look at this smile, maybe she was proud that somebody noticed her, maybe it made her feel important?

Well, I was – and I am – proud for sure. I think that’s one of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken; I like the shy smile on the her face, I like how her pink pullover contrasts the rough grays of the wall; I felt happy already in the moment when I pressed the shutter button.



One Response to “Barri Gòtic. Barcelona”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Faktycznie, jej ubiór kontrastuje, ale jej smukłość jakoś dziwnie pasuje do tego otoczenia:)

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