The panoramas. Barcelona

Well, this time those will be no panoramas of spectacular nature. Sorry.

I was in Barcelona last week and, I have to be honest with you, most of the time I was just taking random pictures. For some reason not many things had caught my eye (which happily changed the very last day, but I will tell you about it another time); still, I would feel bad if I went to another country and took no photos at all, at least a couple of them in order to show them to my family.

Then, when I took a second look at the pictures I took and selected the best of them, I actually noticed that they weren’t that random; well, as a full size photos they were just “regular”; cropping them though gave them a completely new look. So, here I am, presenting you some details of Barcelona – the ceiling of Estació de França, a fragment of the Parc del Laberint d´Horta, a pigeon in the Park Güell, and, finally, the mirror image of people eating their tapas in one of the restaurants of Maremagnum shopping center.





6 Responses to “The panoramas. Barcelona”
  1. Neverlan says:

    If someday return to Barcelona, notify me, will be a pleasure teach you every corner of Barcelona.

  2. Nice shots! I like the pigeon photo a lot.

  3. Zuzia says:

    Gaudi! <3

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