Suddenly celadon. Setúbal

I am really disappointed.

“Suddenly celadon” sounded like a perfect title for this post to me; then I found out that what we call “celadon” (“seledynowy”) in Polish, for you, English speakers, is “lime green”. What you call “celadon” though, for me is “mint green”. Eh.

I’m leaving the title anyway, because it sounds better then “Suddenly lime”. I guess.

Whatever you call the colour though, I just love how it contrasts the azure? dodger blue? bleu de France..? The colour of the boats. Don’t you?


4 Responses to “Suddenly celadon. Setúbal”
  1. To me, it’s just… blue. The celadon, though? Lime, mint, whatever. I also like the combination.

    And the title is perfect.

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