Azores day 7. From Porto Formoso to Ponta Delgada

I know, that it’s not how I do it. I usually let you know what’s the name of the city (or cities) that you’ll find in the post. Well, not this time and let me explain why.

The distance from Porto Formoso to Ponta Delgada is around 30 km. So how come it took me a whole day to get from one place to another?

Well, I decided to hitchhike. On a different route. The one that’s about 140 km long. I will not tell you much about my experiences from that day here; I would like to write a separate post about my thoughts about hitchhiking someday (soon, hopefully). What I can tell you though is HOW I made it.


I left Porto Formoso in the morning and climbed up to the main road. There I started catching a ride; I think I made it to Nordeste with about four or five different cars. In the beginning my plan was to go to Nordeste only, and from there get a bus to Ponta Delgada. But, as soon as I arrived there, I walked through the town a bit and decided that there is no point for me in waiting there for hours. So I decided to grab a bus from Povoação instead. Can you see the little white dot underneath Nordeste? That’s more or less a spot where one of the drivers left me. I visited a spectacular view point of Ponta da Madrugada and started walking. There is only one road so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get lost; it took me hours though to catch another ride. Let me just tell you that during those hours I was already so exhausted and desperate that at some point I just started crying. Luckily, finally I got a ride and the driver offered me to drive me straight to Ponta Delgada, instead of Povoação…

OK, now that I made it dramatic, I will make you wait for the time I finally write the “What I think about hitchiking post”.

Let me tell you more about today’s pictures then. Well, I haven’t taken many of them that day, I must confess. So, what do I have for you this time?

First of all, some more tea plantations.


In case you didn’t believe me about the Miradouro da Ponta da Madrugada being spectacular, there you go. And believe now.


And finally, I think my favourite photo from today’s post. Why? I don’t know. But I go crazy each time that I see that many bananas.


(And I’m not even kidding right now. I just wanted to remind you that I haven’t seen bananas growing in a garden ever in my life, until I went to Madeira in October!)


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