Azores day 6. Furnas&Maia

That was a very good day for me in terms of hitchhiking. From what I remember, I got a direct ride from Porto Formoso to Furnas (which in total is around 16 km). Then the same happened when I was going back.

What did I see back then? A lot. At first I went to the Terra Nostra park. You can swim in a huge swimming pool full of warm, mineral water. I happened to be the only one willing to take a bath there that day; I felt like the queen of this place. Then I hiked to Lagoa das Furnas, a huge lake, where I observed how cozido das Furnas, a typical meal from that area, is prepared. Then the time to go back to the center of Furnas; as I got there, I decided to take bath in yet another place – Poça da Dona Beija. I hiked through the city and to the road leading back to Porto Formoso, where I was sleeping; in less then five minutes I succeeded to catch a ride. I got lucky enough to go to another two great places – the tea plantations in Maia and Porto Formoso. Did you know that São Miguel is the oldest place in Europe, where the tea is being produced? Well, now you know.

So, what is the greatest memory of that day?

Colours. The amazingly yellow leaves of ginkgo in Parque Terra Nostra; the white smoke near Lagoa das Furnas, going straight to the bluest sky; and finally, the deep, juicy green of the tea plantations.





2 Responses to “Azores day 6. Furnas&Maia”
  1. Tim Shey says:

    Those are some very beautiful photos.


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