Another kind of mandala. Sevilla

The vault in Seville’s cathedral is simply breathtaking. Isn’t it? It’s yet another picture, after the crucifix I presented you recently and the ceiling of Monseratte palace that makes me glad I simply looked up.

The catholic cathedral itself used to be a mosque in the beginning of its existence. So why shouldn’t we add mandala to all of that?

DSC_0569ciemniejszy środek

2 Responses to “Another kind of mandala. Sevilla”
  1. A mosque turned into a cathedral, huh? I bet there’s an unhappy story behind that. Anyway – yes, thanks for looking up.

    • Mishatsky says:

      Well, for some reasons some people enjoyed turning somebody’s mosques into cathedrals; others were turning another’s cathedrals into mosques. Would like to say “history”, unfortunately in many places this is still happening. Well…

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