Mannequins. Wrocław

OK, so the question is, what are these three (creepy) beauties doing here?

Well, I decided that “the time has come”. This blog is a kind of a test for me – as I am not a really organized person, I needed something to do on a regular basis. Jogging, unfortunately, only worked for a couple of weeks (I should get back to this one as well, though).

So, instead of the usual two times, I will try my best to post here three times a week.

Oh, ok, I’m sorry. I’m not going to try that. I’ll just do that.

So, there we go – the first Monday post! This time we go back to Poland – Wrocław (or so called Wroclove). I took this picture on the evening before the New Year’s Eve.

Aren’t these mannequins, well erm… interesting?


6 Responses to “Mannequins. Wrocław”
  1. That’s good news, for us.

  2. Zuzia says:

    Na żywo wyglądało mniej creepy!

  3. Zuzia says:

    No i kibicuję nowemu postanowieniu :)

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