Azores day 3. Sete Cidades&Mosteiros

My third day on São Miguel was the first day I decided to give up travelling by buses and instead give hitch-hiking a try. And then… Well, I just couldn’t stop. Thanks to this I got an opportunity to visit way more places than I had planned in the beginning, just like the beach in Mosteiros, where the last picture comes from. And also I got a chance to talk to other people – couldn’t be better for me!






11 Responses to “Azores day 3. Sete Cidades&Mosteiros”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Jakoś plaża w moich wyobrażeniach wygląda zazwyczaj inaczej :P

  2. you know it’s your fault i have to recalculate my travelbudget now, because of the extra trip to the azores, right?;-)
    great pictures…

  3. Pauline says:

    Oh wow! Haven’t visited your blog in a while. It’s good to see that you’ve been to the Azores! A place on my list. Nice photos!

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