The history of art. Peniche

When me and Chiara went to Peniche in October, we only wanted to spend some time on the beach, watching the surfing competition.

Did we plan to perform some kind of a “tableau vivant”? Well I could tell you we did, but as you probably have guessed by now obviously we didn’t. Anyway, it turns out that Chiara+the wind+the ocean (+tissues) create a perfect combination for some romantic/surrealistic photos. Don’t they?

I know they do.

So, finishing our history of art class for today, who do you prefer?  Caspar David Friedrich or maybe René Magritte?DSC_0268.NEF


4 Responses to “The history of art. Peniche”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Trudno odgadnąć. Ale, jako że zidentyfikowałam wczesniej z wielką radością zdjęcie numer dwa, to głosuje na zdjecie numer dwa:)

  2. I prefer the Friedrich – actually, I prefer your interpretation of it. Nicer looking model. :)

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