About the balloon dog, that used to travel by subway. Lisbon

This city will never start surprising me, I think. In any way.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of being in a good place at a good time.

Can you see the backpacks in the background of the first picture? Well, the backpacks aren’t really important. But their owners are. They had a dog. A blue balloon dog.

Which they decided to give to some random guys in the subway. Maybe they received it from somebody else as well? I have no idea, and for sure it’s not important.

As soon as the new owner of the dog noticed me taking picture he… decided to give me the balloon. What could I do? My mission had started – I had to handle the dog to somebody else.

Which wasn’t that easy. Turns out little kids think I’m a scary person and they don’t want my balloons (or Portuguese kids are just extremely aware of strangers. Good for you, Portuguese kids!) So, as I changed the line, I decided to leave the dog there, hoping somebody would take it (I just admitted I wanted to abandon a dog. You have no idea how bad I feel about it now).

“Are you leaving this dog here?”, the man in denim asked me.

“Yes. I don’t need it. It’s not even mine”.

“Then can I take it home and give it to my grandchildren?”

Sometimes it is so easy to make somebody smile.

3 Responses to “About the balloon dog, that used to travel by subway. Lisbon”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Aaaah, jaka słodka historia;)
    Chociaż, jak zobaczyłam tytuł na mojej skrzynce mailowej, to wyobraziłam sobie psa W niebieskim balonie, takiego okrazajacego swiat. Mimo innej tresci, nie jestem rozczarowana!

  2. That’s a great story – and I’m happy to see you including a dog in a post again, even if only a balloon dog.

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