What do I think about couchsurfing?

Today the post will be a bit different.

I spent this weekend in Peniche, at the Rip Curl Pro. For those of you who don’t know what’s that (just like me a couple of weeks ago), it’s an international surfing championship.

But it wasn’t the only kind of surfing that occupied my weekend this time. And that’s because of one of the greatest iniciatives for travellers – couchsurfing.

Yes, couchsurfing – that’s why the featured picture presents a guy surfing on a sofa. And it also presents my extraordinary Photoshop skills.

I’ve heard some opinions saying that couchsurfing is dangerous (mostly from people who haven’t tried it. Actually, I am surprised my mom never offered me paying for a hostel instead of staying on some random person’s couch). Well, I don’t have much experience in it, but so far I’ve only met really great people.

Of course creepy things happen. But you know what? When a man who could be my dad offers me a single room in his hotel if I prefer to SLEEP alone, I just don’t accept the invitation! The great advantage is that you actually can check each person’s recommendations – if other people trusted this person, why wouldn’t you? Following your instinct is a good thing!

There are some borders, of course. I mean cultural borders, mostly. I am planning to go to Morocco in the near future (Portugal’s localization is just great for planning such a trip), and I am actually thinking of couchsurfing again. But I am only looking for women or families offering their couch.

Why do I enjoy couchsurfing so much? Well, first of all, it’s a great possibility of meeting amazing people. Just as I did in Peniche. I am really hoping that I will meet with my hosts someday again. Secondly – those people are usually locals. Who would be better to show you around the place you chose to visit?

6 Responses to “What do I think about couchsurfing?”
  1. Zuzia says:

    Jeszcze raz powtarzam: wycieczkę do Maroka musisz sobie dokładnie przemyśleć i rozplanować. Pogadamy jeszcze o tym, bo będę Cię odwodzić od planu odwiedzenia AŻ takiej ilosci miast (to raz) i bede Cie namawiac usilnie do znalezienia sobie partnera na cala podroz (to dwa). Najlepiej mezczyzne. Najlepiej mowiacego po francusku/arabsku.
    Troszczę się o Ciebie po prostu! A przez 10 dni nabrałam trochę doswiadczen:)
    A co do samego couchsurfingu to w Marrrakeszu polecam spanie u Lamyii. Dam Ci na nia namiary jak cos, na pewno chetnie Cie przyjmie. Tylko, że Marrakesz to wlasnie miasto, nad ktorym warto sie zastanowic, bo jest bardzo daleko od innych osrodkow. Ostatnia stacja kolejowa na poludnie… :)

    • Mishatsky says:

      AŻ takiej? Raptem 4 w tydzień! Może ograniczę się do trzech. Staram się znaleźć kogoś, kto mi będzie towarzyszył, ale jest ciężko, bo nikt nie potrafi się określić na 100%. Więc w zasadzie zrezygnuję jedynie, jeśli fundusze jednak nie pozwolą mi jechać. Dlatego też teraz już jestem pewna, że nie chcę zostawać w hostelu – bo samej jest to mniej bezpieczne niż couchsurfing…

  2. Loca Gringa says:

    This is a concept that I wish existed or that I had discovered when I was young enough to be able to sleep on a counch! Great post!

    • Mishatsky says:

      Hey, thank you for visiting me!
      You should still try couchsurfing! Some people actually offer beds, or even bedrooms and not couches (for example their kids move out and they don’t want to see the house empty all the time). Secondly, there are a lot of people who, even if they cannot host you, will be eager to go and grab a coffee with you and show you around their city. Who’s a better guide than a local?:) And finally, it’s never too late! I’ve received a couchsurfing request from an adult man (more or less 30 years old) who was travelling through the world with his mom:) And even if you don’t want to travel like this but you like the idea, you can also be a host only… This is a great concept indeed:) Have a nice day!

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